Textured Brain Puzzle

    Sensory play is an important part of a child’s brain development. It also helps build on skills like language development, motor skills, as well as critical and creative thinking. And since we are talking about sensory AND A loves a good full body exploration, she turned this into her own personal confetti party!

    We combined learning about the parts of the brain in the form of a puzzle (free pattern at the end of this post) with sensory materials from the Sensory Collage Kit R75419 provided by Roylco. Planning an order from Roylco? Use our affiliate code TINYN3RDS for 15% off your order.

    Supplies & Instructions

    sensory Collage Kit




    free printable

    Print and cut the brain pattern, then trace on the cardboard and cut out. Separate out six textured items and glue one type of textured item on each puzzle piece.

    Preschool Prompts

    Describe the texture of the blue sensory material? Does it remind you of anything? What sensory item is the softest/roughest? What is the smallest piece in your brain puzzle? Which sensory item lets more light through the orange tissue paper or the yellow cardstock? Point to the frontal lobe.

    Printables are for personal use only and by downloading you are agreeing to the terms of use


    Textured Brain Puzzle Pattern



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