Textured Paint

We made our own textured collage paint AND it couldn’t be simpler! I'm happy to report that the kids loved creating their own textured collage mixtures. But I'm mostly just happy we didn't end up with something that resembled textured poo. Did you know making textured/collage art is a great way for kids to develop their descriptive language? Which by the way, is a crucial part of thinking like a scientist.

Supplies & Instructions

Textured collage items

White paint




Popsicle stick


Pour white paint in a cup, add various sensory items to the paint, and mix. Scoop the mixture on to the cardboard, spread, and add glitter. Items you might find around your house include cotton balls, pasta, paper, confetti, sprinkles, and beads. All of our items came from our Roylco Sensory Collage Kit.

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Preschool Concepts

descriptive language development, critical and creative thinking, color theory, sensory stimulation, gross motor development, life skills practice (stirring)

Preschool Prompts (to go beyond the art)

Before adding the textures to the paint, describe how they each feel; are they soft, rough, fluffy? What color(s) are each of the items? What do you think will happen when we add them to the paint? Is it easier to spread the mixture with a paint brush or a fat popsicle stick? What are some other items you could use to spread the mixture?

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