Tie Dye Flour Sack Towels

We used flour sack towels and Colorations liquid watercolors given to us by Discount School Supply to make a cheap version of play silks. A piece of fabric or play silk can be used during play as a cape, butterfly wings, baby blanket, crown, tent, and any other ways a child can think of.

Because these liquid watercolors are washable, the color isn’t permanent. But here’s the thing, this allowed the girls to participate in tie dying without the risk of ruining their clothes. So it was a pretty mess free activity. I figure we’ll just dye them again if I ever have to wash these ones.

Supplies & Instructions

Colorations liquid watercolors

Flour sack towel



Roll and twist your towel then secure with rubber bands. Apply liquid watercolor directly on the towel until the entire towel is covered. Set aside to dry for 20-30min then open the towels and lay flat to dry. I recommend hanging outside or setting on the grass to dry. When they were mostly dry I tossed them in the dryer on high for 20min to make sure there wouldn’t be any color transfer.

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