Tie Dye Hearts

Tie dyed hearts have been a favorite year after year. This year we used coffee filters to make our tie dyed hearts, but paper towels and diffusion paper also work really well. Not 100% sure how we will use these hearts, but we've got lots of ideas.

Supplies & Instructions

Coffee filter


Liquid watercolors

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Cut a heart shape from the coffee filter (do yourself a favor and cut a bunch at once), fold the heart, then dip in different colors of liquid watercolors or food coloring. Once you're done adding the colors, open it up and let it dry. Check out a video of this tutorial on our IG account @tinyn3rds.

STEM Applications

This isn’t just art though! There are plenty of STEM concepts that can be explored further: capillary action, chromatography, color theory, and symmetry. Capillary action occurs when the liquid travels up the coffee filter. If you’re lucky you might even see colors separate out into different colors (chromatography). This concept can be further explored using a black washable marker. Color theory occurs throughout this activity as the colors begin to mix and form new colors. Symmetry can be further explored with mirrors.

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