Turkey Puppets

We finally found a use for our coffee paper spin art... turkey puppets! If you haven't tried coffee filter spin art, you really must give it a try. You can head to our instagram feed for more details, but in short, you just substitute coffee filters for paper in your salad spinner, add paint, and spin. Tip: use 2-3 filters to reduce risk of tearing.

Supplies & Instructions

coffee filter

salad spinner


brown construction paper

peel and stick googly eyes

peel and stick rhinestones

5/8" circle paper cutter (optional)



Once your spin art is completely dry (usually 1-2 days), fold two sets of coffee filters in half. Stagger those two halves and staple with the flat side of the staple on the back side (the clamped side will be covered by the turkey body). From the brown construction paper cut a turkey body. Using a circle cutter or scissors cut two circles large enough for fingers. Glue the turkey body onto the coffee filters and add eyes and a small rhinestone as a beak.

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