Valentine Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are a great way to explore STEM concepts without a mess and without any chocking hazards. These bottles can easily be modified to fit any theme or holiday.

Supplies & Instructions

Foam balls

Plastic necklace

Clear waterbeads


Plastic bottles

Bottle 1

Add foam balls to the bottle then fill with water.

Bottle 1 explores floating with foam balls and also makes a really cool sound when turned upside down. Since the balls are different sizes and colors this bottle is also great for discussing small, medium, and large.

Bottle 2

Add clear water beads to the bottle and hydrate with water. Then add the plastic necklace using something to push it down into the bottle. Once the necklace is in place, fill the bottle with water.

Bottle 2 explores light science. The necklace is NOT floating, it's suspended between clear water beads. What’s the science behind this bottle? Clear water beads have the same refractive index as water; meaning light travels through the water and water beads at the same rate. So our eyes see them as the same thing.

Bottle 3

Add feathers to the bottle and fill with water.

Bottle 3 explores the magnifying properties of water with colorful feathers. since the feathers don't fill the entire bottle, it can also be use to magnify other objects without actually opening the bottle.

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