Winter Bird Feeders

Making winter bird feeders has been on my to do list for ages! Luckily for me, my sister made ornaments from dried orange slices and had a few leftovers. These were so easy to make (especially if your sister makes the oranges for you)... head over to our sister website Sisterly & Co. for the full tutorial on how to dry the oranges.

Supplies & Instructions


Dried oranges



Once the dried oranges are cooled, simply string the cranberries and oranges on a string, then tie a loop at the top for hanging.

W and E loved making these, A was all about popping the cranberries. The kids have checked if the birds are eating them every day since they made them. They are not! But luckily the cranberries are degrading and the kids have taken that to mean the birds are eating them. Phew!

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