Witch O'Clock

Is it witch o’clock yet? Because my kids are counting down the hours. I figured why not take this opportunity to play with time. Obviously I worked with E first on this, because A is like a tornado when it comes to the sensory bins.

For A (3yo) the focus is on one to one counting and pointing out each number as we count. For E (5yo) it is also on number recognition and an introduction to reading the time. But we all know how this actually ends… in sensory play!

Supplies & Instructions

dried chickpeas

acrylic paint

ziploc bag

parchment paper

wood discs

permanent markers

witch fingers

circle tray or plate

Pour chickpeas in the plastic bag, add paint, seal, and shake shake shake! Pour the colored chickpeas on the parchment paper and let dry 20-30 minutes. Once dry, arrange in a tray, place numbered discs in a circle. Write on each finger, hour and min then place in the tray.

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